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Our Principal Company

Company Culture

When Ho-jan Han founded Tai-Dong Mills, a small-scale processor of soybean oils and cakes, in 1957, he set in motion a vision that continues to drive Tai-Dong’s modern successor - the DaChan Great Wall Group.

For over half a century, the DaChan Great Wall Group has pursued its pioneering vision with honesty and humility. The group operates vertically integrated systems in poultry 、layer、hog、and aquaculture that fully control breeding, propagation, feed production, slaughtering, and final processing. The group is also growing its oil and flour business units and expanding steadily into the F&B sector and into realty management. Today, the DaChan Great Wall Group operates six business groups, including the Feed & Flour Business Group, Agri-Meat & Egg Business Group, Processed Food Business Group, Foodservice Business Group, Southeast Asia Business Group, and East Asia Business Group.

In line with strategic regionalization objectives, DaChan operates over 100 subsidiaries across its major markets in Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Combodia.